Benefits of HCG Diet Injections

Countless health problems can be attributed to obesity –  people with weight issues are 40% more likely to die earlier. Excess body fat causes liver issues, heart problems, gastrointestinal diseases, strokes, metabolic syndrome, respiratory disorders, sleeping issues, menstrual problems, and mood disorders. In America, obesity has become an epidemic, and it affects millions of people. In the past, people experienced famines and food shortages due to bad crops or uncontrollable environmental conditions. However, due to recent advances in technology, food has become more available than ever, and most foods are over processed and loaded with calories, but lack nutrition. Arlington HCG Weight Loss Doctor, Alan Terlinsky offers a physician assisted weight loss program to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss with the HCG diet has many benefits and can help patients improve their energy, health, and self-confidence.

The HCG Diet Protocol combined with healthy lifestyle choices, such as proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise, can bring about successful results for patients and help them to achieve their weight loss goals. On the diet, men and women eat a balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits, and these healthy changes can stay with them long after finishing the HCG Diet.

On average, women can lose anywhere from 20-30 pounds in a 30 day period, and men can lose between 25-40 pounds while on the diet. Because this hormone occurs naturally in the body, there are usually minimal to no side effects, and it can be used just as effectively in males. In fact, men tend to lose even more weight than women during the protocol.

Some of the benefits of weight loss with the HCG diet include:

Improved Energy

Patients can obtain more energy from weight loss with the HCG Diet because of the body’s improved metabolism, which gives the body an increased ability to properly process blood sugar and nutrients. Also, when the body does not have to expend energy carrying around as much weight, it can allow a person to have more energy for daily activities.

Improved Confidence

Often patients that want to lose weight feel the pressures of modern society to look a certain way and have a particular body type. However, weight loss should be about feeling and being healthy, and many people that have lose weight with HCG have been able to improve their levels of confidence by achieving greater levels of health. A healthier look has helped patients to improve their self-image and confidence, which can significantly improve personal relationships.

Reduced Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Obesity can cause a number of physical changes that may lead to metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome has four attributes, which are all usually related to obesity. The first is high blood pressure, which occurs when the heart has to work extra hard to move the blood through the body. The next aspect of metabolic syndrome is high triglycerides, which is a high level of bad fat floating around in the blood. High cholesterol is another issue that is usually associated with obesity, and it is also a component of metabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance is the last aspect of metabolic syndrome, which renders the body incapable of balancing blood sugar. Weight loss can help all of the issues that are associated with metabolic syndrome and reduce the chances of developing it.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Heart Disease is one of the number one killers in America today, and it is one of the most preventable diseases. Many people hurt their heart function with diets high in fat, sugar, and salt and lifestyles that incorporate excessive amounts of stress. High amounts of fat can constrict blood flow to put more stress on the heart, and when there is less fat and constriction, blood can flow through the heart easier. Excessive fat may cause hypertension and clog arteries, which can lead to heart attacks. Weight loss can improve heart health and reduce the risk for heart disease.

Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Insulin resistance, which is a precursor for diabetes, can be reduced with decreased amounts of fat and sugar intake. This can improve the pancreas’ function of secreting insulin. Type II Diabetes has become a modern epidemic, but it can be kept under control with proper diet and exercise. Weight loss and the implementation of healthy eating habits can greatly improve the body’s insulin levels and reduce the risk of insulin dependent diabetes.

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