Medical Weight Loss Programs and Anti-Aging Services

Arlington Virginia HCG Weight Loss Doctor, Alan Terlinsky, M.D. offers a Nu-Living Weight Management Program that strives to find solutions addressing the unique requirements of each patient thereby providing our patients with a comprehensive and sophisticated treatment plan. Dr. Terlinsky gives you an individualized treatment plan to improve your health, optimize your well-being, and help you live better, longer.

Our weight loss program has 5 primary objectives:

Successful Long-term Weight Control and Maintenance
The 1st objective of the Nu-Living programs is to help patients learn and apply key behaviors associated with successful long-term weight control and maintenance. Health experts agree these behaviors include healthy eating, daily physical activity, self-monitoring, stress management, and committing to the principles of long term weight maintenance. Nu-Living provides a scientifically validated, comprehensive, easy to follow treatment program which incorporates the key elements recommended for effective long- term weight management. In order to successfully adopt the recommended key behaviors, patients enrolled in Nu-Living must also be taught to understand and analyze the thoughts behind their old behaviors and to learn how to restructure faulty thinking so they can successfully adjust to new weight control behaviors which will result in a much healthier lifestyle.
Embracing a Therapeutic Lifestyle Change
A Lifestyle Change can be defined as a new way of living resulting from a series of important and permanent behavioral changes. Dr. Terlinsky and the highly skilled staff at Nu-Living counsel patients that achieving successful long-term weight control cannot be assured until Nu-Living’s 2nd objective is achieved: embracing a Therapeutic Lifestyle Change or “TLC”. Recent studies in the weight control field have found the most likely explanation for the common and frustrating experience of weight regain after an impressive weight loss effort is absence of Lifestyle Change. A Lifestyle Change can be defined as a new way of living resulting from a series of important and permanent behavioral changes. It follows then that a failure to make a lasting Lifestyle Change is the failure to make lasting behavioral changes.
Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!
At Nu-Living we recognize that behind all established behaviors are established thoughts and belief systems, which in the case of the overweight and obese, are often incorrect and maladaptive. Applying techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is designed to change behaviors by restructuring thoughts and eliminating faulty belief systems, the Nu-Living Program provides patients with the tools to achieve the effective and lasting behavioral changes which will ultimately produce the Lifestyle Change necessary or permanent weight control. That is why our motto and 3rd objective at Nu-Living is “Change Your Thinking, Change your Life!”
Achieve Maximum Health Optimization by Reducing Health Risks
The 4th objective of the Nu-Living Program is to achieve maximum health optimization by screening for risk factors and intervening to prevent or reverse early cardiovascular, renal and metabolic disease. Reducing health risks typically consists of performing a detailed and cutting-edge medical evaluation which will disclose common modifiable health risk factors. We test our patients for many of the so called “emerging biomarkers of cardiovascular-metabolic diseases” leading to early warning of the presence or imminent development of serious conditions such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Chronic Kidney Disease, Hyperlipemia, and Hypertension, just to name a few. We thoroughly explain the results to our patients and, if requested, we implement any necessary treatments to optimize our patients’ health.
Multifaceted Wellness Plans That Recognizes Individuality and Treats the Whole Person
Nu-Living believes each individual follows a unique pathway to reach his or her goal, while employing and learning common skills, strategies, and themes necessary for improved nutrition and weight control. Here again Nu-Living emphasizes healthy eating, daily activity with regular exercise, behavior modification, and effective relapse management with coping skills. Rather than putting all the eggs in one basket (ie: “a diet program,” or “an exercise program”, etc.), the Nu-Living Program, pursuing the 5th objective, combines these and other components to form a multifaceted wellness plan that recognizes individuality and treats the whole person, rather than single symptoms.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be an important part of a patient’s health plan. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, unlike synthetic hormone therapy, uses hormones that exactly match the chemical composition of the hormones produced by your body.

As your body ages, the stresses of daily life catch up with you and your body stops being able to produce hormones as well as it used to. When your endocrine system does not function as it should, we do not get the correct hormones in the correct doses when we need them. This causes a whole host of problems that affect your physical, emotional and mental states. Your local BHRT practitioner specializes in using these natural hormones to balance your body without any unwanted side effects. By bringing your body back into hormonal balance you will feel better, look younger, be revitalized, and experience a new level of health. Read more about how Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you.

Programs offered by Dr. Alan Terlinsky at the Nu-Living Optimal Wellness and Longevity Center in Arlington, Virginia:

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Anti-aging/Restorative medicine
  • Concierge Medical Services
  • Weight loss/Lifestyle change
  • Nutritional body cleanse and detoxification
  • Customized vitamins and supplements

Call Arlington Virginia HCG Weight Loss Doctor, Alan Terlinsky M.D. to discuss a wellness plan created just for you.